Creating a wallet and conducting transactions

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Step 1. Creation of a new account
If you already have a wallet, proceed to
step 2. If not, here’s how you create a wallet on MyEtherWallet.

  1. Go to There are a lot of scam websites out there, so make sure the website address is correct and that all necessary certificates are present.

  2. Enter your password and click "Create New Wallet”.

Important: Make sure that you remember your password and that it is kept in a safe place. You need it to access your wallet and it cannot be changed or recovered.

image alt text

Download the JSON keystore file and choose"I understand. Continue." Save the file in a secura space.

image alt text

Important: it is paramount that you provide safe storage for your keystore.josn, because should you lose it, you will lose access to your wallet forever. To prevent this, we suggest you save your file in a secure location.

Then copy and save your private key. You can also print it by clicking ‘print private key’. After that, click ‘save your address’ to finish creating your wallet.
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Now you can see a list of options for providing access to your wallet. The aforementioned JSON file+your password, private key, etc. Pick one that is the most comfortable for you and confirm your action.

image alt text

Now you can see data about your wallet:

  • Your wallet address

  • Your keystore.json file, which will be visible and available for download if you logged in using it

  • Private key, which can be viewed by pressing the eye icon

  • You can print your wallet info

  • QR-code for your wallet

  • QR-code for your private key, which can be viewed by pressing the eye icon

  • Your balance

image alt text

Your wallet is ready to be used!

Step **2. How to send ETH using and how to set a gas limit for Ethereum transactions**

Now you can buy, sell and exchange your cryptocurrency (including Ethereum) and participate in ICO.

To participate in ICO, you need to have ETH on your wallet (or other currency), for which you can buy ICO tokens. The permissible currencies can be found on the ICO website. You can buy ETH, for example, on a currency exchange. List of exchanges you can find at

When your wallet has ETH (or any other currency) for ICO token purchase, please make sure you are sending your funds to the correct address.

Important: Never use exchange wallets for ICO purchases, this will lead to a loss of funds.

1) Choose the "Send Ether & Token" tab on

2) Log into your account (using your private key or JSON).

3) Fill out the "Send transaction" form:

  • Enter the ICO address into the "To Address" field.

Important: Only use the address provided by the official ICO website. Do not use addresses provided to you by other users, as this is basically sending your money to thieves.

  • Choose the "Amount to Send" field and enter the amount of ETH you want to donate to ICO.

Important: In the "Gas" field change the default gas amount to the amount provided by the ICO website, otherwise your transaction may not be processed by Ethereum.

4) Press the "Generate Transaction" button. Then you need to wait for a few seconds. image alt text

Transaction data will then be generated, after which you press the "Send transaction" to finish the deal.

5) You will be asked to verify your transaction.

Important: If you confirmed the transaction, do not press "Send transaction" again, as the sum will be sent again. Wait until the transaction finishes.

  1. As soon as the ETH transaction is confirmed, tokens will be sent to your Ethereum address.

Step 3. How to check your token balance

Step 3а. Checking your balance via MyEtherWallet

  1. Go to the ‘View Wallet Info’ tab on

image alt textChoose how you want to access your wallet. For example, you can enter your private key by selecting 'private key' or entering your wallet address by selecting 'view with address only'. JSON, mnemonic phrase and other methods from this list are also allowed.

image alt textIf the verification is successful, a window with your balance will open:

image alt text

Important: If a cryptocurrency is new, it may not show up in the list. Therefore, to check your balance, you’ll need to go through an extra step:

  1. Press "Add Custom Token":

image alt text

2) In the 'Address' field, enter the Token contract address: 0x999967e2ec8a74b7c8e9db19e039d920b31d39d0

3) In the 'Token Symbol' field, enter the name of the tokens: TIE

4) In the field 'Decimals' - enter the value after the decimal point: 18

image alt text

Step 3b. How to check your balance using

You can also check your token balance on Just copy and enter your wallet address into the highlighted field and press "Go":

image alt text

image alt text

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