Ethereum using Jaxx

Step 1. Creating a Jaxx wallet

Important: Please note that while you can create an ETH wallet using Jaxx, in order to check your balance you’d need to use third-party services.

If you already have a Jaxx wallet, please skip to Step 2.

If you do not, do the following:

  1. Download and launch Jaxx, the choose the "Create new wallet" option.

  2. Choose ETH as one of your wallet options.

Step 2. **Buying cryptocurrency using** Jaxx

Simply open the Wallets tab in the menu and tick the ETH field.

image alt text

In order to send **ETH, do the following:**

  1. Press "Send"

  2. In the "Receiving Address" field, enter the address of the smart contract.

  3. In the "Amount" field, type the amount of ETH that you want to send to the recipient (user wallet/ smart contract or ICO).

  4. The arrow under "Sent" shows you the following options.

Important: Make sure you changed the default amount of gas in the ‘Gas Limit’ field to the one specified by the smart contract/ICO/etc., otherwise your transaction might not get processed.

  1. Press "Send" in order to send Ethereum to the recipient.

image alt text

Step **3. How to check your balance after a transaction using Jaxx**

Go to your ETH wallet using an Ethereum client with custom token support, like, Parity, Mist, etc.

To access the ETH address, you need to have the address of your private key, or a mnemonic phrase. (The private key is encrypted using 12 English words)

Look at the following screenshots, they will help you find your private keys or mnemonic phrases in the Jaxx interface.

Step 3а. Private keys

Choose the ‘Tools’ tab

image alt textChoose the ‘Backup wallet’ option

image alt textimage alt text

Export your key and use it with your password.image alt text

Step 3b: Mnemonic phrase

Go to the ‘Tools’ tab

image alt text

Choose the ‘Backup wallet’ optionimage alt text

In the "View Backup Phrase" tab you can see a string of words that act as a password for your wallet. You can can use this code to access your wallet as shown in the screenshot.

image alt textVisit Choose your wallet, then click "Send Ether & Tokens" and enter your mnemonic code.

image alt textIf filled out correctly, you will be shown your account address and balance.

Important: This method is useful for those who sent their funds to ICO. Sometimes, if the cryptocurrency is new, it may not show up on

Thus, to check your balance you need to take an additional step:

Press "Add Custom Token"

image alt text

In the 'Address' field, enter the ICO contract address

In the 'Token Symbol' field, enter the name of the tokens (usually a three-character abbreviation)

In the field 'Decimals' - enter the value after the decimal point. This value is recommended by those responsible for ICO, but you can try entering a random value(in this case the correctness of the display is not guaranteed!)

image alt text

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