Instruction for imToken

imToken is a cryptocurrency wallet that was created as a mobile application for Android and iOS. It allows you to make transactions for ICO that officially support this transaction method. To perform any transactions, you must add your Ethereum wallet to imToken, or create it in this application.

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Step 1. Creating the wallet (optional)

If you already have a wallet, please go to step 2. If not, follow the following instructions:

1a) Open the imToken app and press ‘Create Wallet’

image alt text1b) If you already have a wallet, go to the ‘Assets’ tab and press the icon in the top right

image alt text2) Make a name for your wallet, a password and (optionally) a tip for your password, after which press ‘Create Wallet’.

image alt text3) If everything was entered correctly, you’ll see the following message. In the same window you will be offered to make back-ups (save your private key on your device or generate a mnemonic phrase).

image alt text4) This step and all following steps are optional, but recommended. Without them you can lose access to your wallet!

Press ‘Go to backup now’. A window will show up asking which method you’d like to use to access your wallet : private key or mnemonic phrase.

image alt text5.1) Let’s take a look at the mnemonic phrase option first. Press the ‘Backup mnemonic’ button and enter your password to confirm the action:

image alt text5.2) A window will pop up, containing the generated mnemonic phrase. Write it down exactly as it shows before going to the next step. Press ‘Next’.

image alt text5.3) A new window will come up, containing the same words but in a random order. You need to arrange them exactly as shown before to confirm your mnemonic phrase.

6) In order to save the private key just press the Private Key button in the menu shown in step 4 and enter your password.

image alt textStep 2. Attaching an existing wallet

1a) If you are still in the main menu and haven’t created a wallet, press the ‘Import Wallet’ button

image alt text1b) If you already have a wallet attached, go to the ‘Assets’ tab and press the icon in the top right

image alt text2) For import, you will be offered 3 ways to choose from, among them there is a private key and a mnemonic phrase. All the necessary information you can find in our video on using MyEtherWallet

-Private key

image alt text

Mnemonic phrase

image alt text

- QR-code

image alt text

4) The example provided shows attaching a wallet using a private key

  • Wallet information in MyEtherWallet

image alt text- Adding a private key to imToken, as well as entering the wallet password

image alt text

-The result of successful wallet attachment

image alt text

Step 3. Sending funds to ICO

Select the Discover tab at the bottom of the app. You will switch to the menu with decentralized applications (dapps), through which you can conduct transactions to the ICO. The application interface and the list of ICOs in which you can invest are different for each one, so follow the recommendations of the ICO owners about which Dapp should be used.

image alt text

Step 4. Checking the balance in** imToken**

In the "Assets" tab, click on the "+" image and switch to the ETH token (usually it is the default). Then you will see its balance on the main page of the application. It is similarly applicable to other kinds of tokens.

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