Economic model

Ties.Network platform does not take a commission from money received from goods or services, nor does it take a share of any project. Instead, Ties.Network imposes taxes and commissions on services to repay moderators and maintain its service.

Platform revenue sources

Ties.Network gains its revenue from the following proceeds:

  • Premium accounts

  • Escrow fee

Each of these proceeds will be used to pay moderators and ensure optimum platform efficacy (for further information see “self-organization and motivation”).

Revenue sources for nodes

Ties.DB gains its revenue from the following sources:

  • Storing content on the node server

  • Retrieving content from the node server

When the user places the content in the database on the node server, he or she pays the node's service fee for storing and processing content. The system does not only motivate node owners to utilize the process, but also prevents attackers from littering the database. Later the platform refunds user expenses in case users show no signs of malicious activity and there is no collusion between the participant and the node (for further information see further “Self-organization and motivation”). User costs for storage as well as for content retrieval come from the platform budget.

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