Sending Bitcoin via JAXX

Step 1. Creating the wallet (Optional)

If you don’t have a BTC wallet, follow these instructions:

  1. Launch Jaxx and choose the "Create new wallet" option.

  2. Pick BTC as one of your wallets.

image alt text

Step 2. Sending BTC via Jaxx

If you already have a BTC wallet in Jaxx, just open the Wallet tab in the meny and pick the BTC option.

  • Press ’Send’

image alt text

  • In the ‘Receiving Address’ field, write in the recipient BTC address.

  • In the ‘Amount’​ field, write in the amount of BTC that you want to send to ICO.

IMPORTANT:** **Make sure you filled in the correct amount and address. It’s individual and is provided by ICO representatives. In order for the transaction to complete, you need to use a separate address for sending BTC.

Sending cryptocurrency to a wrong address will lead to a loss of funds!

  • Press ‘Send’.

image alt text

Soon your Bitcoin transaction will be confirmed and ICO tokens will be automatically sent in accordance with the ICO conditions.

Step **3. Checking transactions**

In order to check on your transactions, pick the BTC wallet in the top part of the application and check the transaction history on the right.

image alt text

You can enter the transaction ID into the search bar on and get information about the transaction

image alt text

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