Sending Bitcoin via Electrum Wallet

This version will be describing usage of the Standalone Executable.

Step 1. Installation

  1. Visit the website and download the latest version

  2. Enter your wallet name into the window that pops up

image alt text

Сhoose your wallet type

image alt text

  1. You’ll be offered the option to restore a wallet if you had one, or to create a new one

image alt text

5) A mnemonic phrase will be created for you, which you will need to write down (not copy!) in the exact order given and save in a secure location.

image alt text

6) Create a password as a method of authentication. You can also encrypt your wallet (optional).

image alt text

Now your wallet is generated and ready for use!

Step 2. Sending funds

In order to send funds you must do the following:

  1. pick the ‘Send’ tab

  2. Enter the address into the ‘Pay to’ field

  3. Enter the sum into the ‘Amount’ field and set the ‘Fee’ slider

IMPORTANT:** **Make sure you filled in the correct amount and address. It’s individual and is provided by ICO representatives. In order for the transaction to complete, you need to use a separate address for sending BTC.

Sending cryptocurrency to a wrong address will lead to a loss of funds!

  1. Press ‘Send’. Transaction is then complete.

Step 3. Checking your transaction

You can check your transactions in the ‘History’ tab

image alt text

You can enter the transaction ID into the search bar on and get information about the transaction

image alt text

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