Sending Bitcoin via Bitcoin Core

Step 1. Installation

When installing the original client, your computer becomes part of the network, storing one of the many thousands of copies of the blockchain synchronized with other nodes. It also helps to spread the transactions of other users. And this means that you are already taking the first and necessary measures to ensure the protection and security for your bitcoins.

IMPORTANT: You’ll need a lot of space to store all the data, more than 100 Gb. Be prepared for that if you intend to use the original client.

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After installing the application will launch automatically and a synchronization process will start. It can take a lot of time (a few hours).

image alt textHowever, that does not prevent you from operating your wallet, so you can hide the synchronization process. Your wallet is created automatically upon launch.

Step 2. Sending BTC via Bitcoin Core** **

  1. Pick the "Send" on the top of the page

  2. A form will appear. Fill in the address you want to send BTC to into the ‘Pay to’ field.

  3. Fill in the sum you want to send into the ‘Amount’ field.

IMPORTANT:** **Make sure you filled in the correct amount and address. It’s individual and is provided by ICO representatives. In order for the transaction to complete, you need to use a separate address for sending BTC.

Sending cryptocurrency to a wrong address will lead to a loss of funds!

image alt text4) Press ‘Send’ to send the payment to ICO.

Step 3. Checking the transaction

You can check your transaction on Bitcoin Core by looking at the lower right corner in the "Transactions" tab.You can enter the transaction ID into the search bar on and get information about the transaction

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