Ties.Network is a business platform with for finding and establishing professional relationships based on irrefutable rating system and for transacting safe deals. Ties.Network provides all the benefits of well-known social business networks for the crypto-community complemented by strongest advantages of blockchain technology.

It is a decentralized platform for traders, investors, developers, consultants and enthusiasts to hire and recruit partners, employees, and volunteers, sell their products or services, enter into joint deals based on smart contracts, promote themselves, and finance their projects, among other items. People can work individually or as teams to accomplish their objectives. A free process of ratings and reviews (“crowdsourcing”) provides each participant with maximum PR, also giving them the option of anonymity. In all cases, all transactions are 100% safe and secure.

At registration, each user receives a default rating based on objective observations of user activity in the crypto-community and based on provided documents. The community will modify this rating based on deals that have already been struck using impartial and decentralized voting. Decentralized rating system and genuine reviews make it easy to find a business partner and do proper due diligence with independent expert’s assistance.

From the IT point of view Ties.Network is based on Ties.DB - a world's first public decentralized NoSQL database that allow to store and search through large volumes of structured data. Ties.DB is aimed to the whole market of decentralized applications - all of them need decentralized data storage. And Ties.DB can satisfy their demands.

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